Surfers at Surfside Bondi Beach and Coogee Beach

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Very nice hostel for a nice start up in Australia/sydney. Close to the beach. Nice service and free breakfast. The reception will help you with more or less then anything

Oskar Hjorsberg

Great location, friendy staff and nice rooms for a good price

Christopher Schilling

The location is to die for - very good amenities, social and secure. Would definitely stay again. A real Gem of a hostel

Simon Thompson

Surfside has to be the one of the best hostels in bondi, there so clean, the staff are wonderful and you have everything to use here, surfboards, skateboards and even snorkels.

Marilou Brosseau

Great location, Friendly and helpful stuff. Clean hostel

Katja Hess

They have surfboards for free, I stayed and surfed everyday. Cool place, will be back for sure.

Yasmin Charron

I've previously stayed in the Bondi location and thought I would give this place a try this time. Both stays have been over a month nad I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Valence Spence

Posizione perfetta per godseri la stupenda spiaggia di Bondi! due pappagallini coloratissimi verranno a salutarvi ogni mattina sul balcone! staff cordiale e disponible

Paola Stimolo

Awesome hostel. Awesome people!

Jonathan Ataria

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Comments, Terms and Conditions

2% Credit Card Fee Applies And All Payments Are Non Refundable

Credit / Debit Card Payment


Surfside Bondi Beach Backpackers @ 35a Hall Street, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026.

We have been established and running this business for 20 years now and communication solves 99.9% of issues so here are our contact details.

Surfside Bondi Beach  02 9365 4900 please don’t be afraid to get in touch.

Let’s Be Really Clear of What We Are.

Let’s be really clear of what we are, we are not a hotel, a motel or a bed & breakfast and not boutique. We are a hostel. We are a family business established for over 20 years with a price structure that fits our accommodation level. We are a professional business with high standards with thousands upon thousands of happy customers who return over & over. Our client base is young travellers; average age is 18 to 25. We have a firm but fair set of rules in place for our guests and we don’t allow our guests to have free reign at the expense of other guests. We have an on-site live-in manager. We accept backpackers, travellers, and regularly have older guests and families most of whom are very happy with our rooms and service. For the amount of money involved if you expect hotel style rooms you won’t find them in a hostel. We allow our guests to drink their own alcohol onsite with same rules as bars and pubs. We do not allow any drugs at any time and are very firm with those who flaunt it. If you expect absolute quiet, please do not book as it’s hard to guarantee. Trying to keep 18-25 years old quiet as they enter the building and use our social areas is very difficult. We suggest you call us before booking to have a conversation with us if you are unsure and want clarification as we don’t want to mislead you as to what we are and what we have to offer you.

Let’s Be Payments

We have 3 payments Payment Options, first night, 50% & 100%. If you choose to pay the first night you will be charged the first night at the 1-night rate plus any other items requested at the advertised rate. If you book 3 nights and choose to pay the first night upfront you will pay the first night at the 1-night rate. The 2 nights to pay at check in which will be charged at the 1-2- night rate. If you want to get the 3-night deal which is a little cheaper, please select the "pay in full" option. Similarly, if you book 7 nights, you will pay the first night at the 1-night rate. The 6 nights to pay at check in which will be charged at the 3-6- night rate. If you want the 7-night rate which is cheaper, please select the "pay in full" option. If you choose to pay 50% now and 50% 30 days prior to arrival option, the total cost will be calculated. 50% will be charged now plus any other items requested at the advertised rate and the remaining 50% charged 30 days before. If you book and choose the 50% option and your arrival date is less than 30 days away we will charge in full. If you want the best deal than "pay in full" is our recommendation. Rates for all rooms types are higher on Friday, Saturday & Sunday Nights so weekly rates apply to Monday Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday but not to Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Unless indicated on booking form comments all credit cards both credit & debit cards will be charged in the home currency.

Room Choices.

If you want something specific and won’t accept any other alternative then make both 1st and 2nd choices the same. If you make for example, 1st choice as small dorm and second choice as large dorm, you will of course get the 1st choice if available otherwise you will be charged the 2nd choice. We won’t email you to check as often the delay results in no availability for either choice, if you don’t want the second choice then please don’t give us the option.

Double Twin and Triple rooms at Surfside Bondi Beach.

If you have booked a double, twin or triple room you will be housed either at Surfside Bondi Beach or one or our partner buildings, located in Bondi Beach. Those guests staying in any of our partner buildings have full 24-hour access to both buildings, access to all the services, facilities & events at both locations. You must have a key for the building where your room is located, and you have a choice of a key for Surfside if you wish - deposits are required for both keys. We want you to feel like you’re are welcome in both buildings at any time & feel free to hang out at either location and use the facilities at both places.

Cancellation Policy.

Firstly, we always send a confirmation email to you. If you don’t get your confirmation email, check your junk or spam then please email us. We click on the email you supplied us, we don’t write it to avoid typing errors, so please check your spelling on your own email address.

Pay 1st Night Bookings.

The first night paid + any extras are non-refundable. A cancellation at any time inside 3 days prior to arrival or a no show would result in a full balance charge to the credit card + 2% credit card fee. Please cancel only by email,  

The 1st 50% paid + any extras are non-refundable. The 2nd 50% will be debited 30 days prior to arrival. Please only email if you wish to cancel before this date the 2nd 50% will not be charged. Once the 2nd 50% has been charged it will be non-refundable. Please cancel only by email,   

Once charged the amount paid + any extras are non-refundable. Please cancel only by email,

Change of Mind Cancellation.

When you book you get a summary of what you just booked. If you want to cancel please cancel only by email,  The time of charge is compared to the time your cancellation email arrives. Basically, it’s a race between you cancelling by email and us charging and accepting the booking. There are situations where we have charged your card and sent email confirmation and we find that you have cancelled by email before this time. We will refund you in this situation.

Check In Requirements.

Our office hours are 8am to 1pm and 5pm to 10pm. Quite often we are here earlier and later than these times. If you arrive outside of these times & you have a reservation we will have left keys out for you and beds/rooms will be ready. You may have to ring us from front door to get front door code and at this point we will let you know where the keys are. Our contact details do change with staff and are on our front door at both locations. Surfside will require a $50 security deposit from each person at check in. Surfside will also require Identification and credit/debit card details from each guest at check in.


Surfside Bondi Beach provide all bedding & we make the bed for you too. We charge $3 flat fee per person for this service. We do not allow you to use your own bedding for hygiene reasons. On each bed, made up for you we provide a warm duvet/comforter/doona, a pillow and sheet for the mattress. In return for the $3 we are happy to give you tons of services & facilities other places charge for including NBN Super fast Wi-Fi, even sun cream is free! We also have many deals for food such as pizza, fish & chips, milk shakes, Oporto, Hungry Jacks etc plus deals on shops, tattoo’s and currency exchange. We will rewrite and check our resume for you for free too! (Please be aware that local businesses who give us these deals have the right to change or cancel offers at no notice).

Parking Bondi Beach.

There is FREE parking, but we DON’T have a car park. The parking is street parking. You can park directly out the front of Surfside Bondi Beach from 9pm to 8am for FREE and pay parking from 8am to 9pm. We do help with 24-hour free parking in local streets but it’s a 5- 7-minute walk depending on which street and availability. Parking is plentiful up until approx. 6-7pm when it gets a little harder as residents return from work.

We have maps to help you locate FREE 24-hour parking. We recommend that you park out front for enough time to check in, collect a map and then park your vehicle. It's much harder to park, walk with bags and then check in. If our office is closed when you arrive please call us as we have maps ready for you to collect any time of day or night. We take no responsibility if you get a parking fine.

What If I’m Not Happy with My Bed or Room.

In the event that you are unhappy with your bed/room it is your responsibility to come back to front desk immediately (within 15 minutes of receiving the key) to voice your concerns to the person in the office who checked you in. This will allow Surfside Backpackers the chance to provide an alternate solution and address your concern. If the office has closed between checking in and returning to the office, you must call us and we will come back (02 9365 4900 for Surfside Bondi Beach).  If you do not communicate immediately we will assume that you are satisfied with the accommodation and you will be held responsible for any payments due. You will still be responsible for payment if you walk away without communicating with the office. No communication will result in no refund.

Airport Shuttle

If you request an Airport Shuttle we will process the booking, debit your debit/credit card the agreed amount & email you the Airport Shuttle voucher. The Airport Shuttle voucher has all the information you need. You must print this voucher and give it to the driver which is expected instead of money. The driver will want you to pay if you don’t have the voucher to give him. Surfside will not refund you the money in this situation. If you cannot print the voucher call us (02 9365 4900 for Surfside Bondi Beach) and we will have the voucher printed out and you can run in collect it from us and give it to the driver. We know the drivers and will help you as much as possible. If your plane is delayed and the last shuttle of the day leaves we are unable to refund you because the airport shuttle won’t refund us however we will help you get the bus to us which is easy.

Please understand that shuttle bus drivers will not be waiting for you at the gate. They have specific pick up points and drivers must stay with their vehicles to avoid towing. Drivers are also on a schedule doing rotations. The drivers pick up at Surfside Bondi Beach on the hour, entering the airport at approx. 30-40 minutes past the hour. They drop off first and then go to pick up points. We kindly ask you make your way to the pick-up points & we should be with you in 5-40 minutes to pick you up. Sometimes the shuttle bus drivers will finish early (around 4 or 5pm) if they have no pick-ups. In this situation we will either come get you ourselves or ask you to catch the bus and refund you the shuttle.

Early Departures.

If you leave Surfside before your specified departure date, we are unable to refund on any payments or transfer them to other guest(s) or non guest. You must check out completely even if you leave before your departure date.

You must communicate with the office in the event that you leave Surfside overnight or longer during the course of your stay. This is important for fire safety. We will mark your room as available if there is no indication of your presence. The fact that a key is not returned is not an indication of your presence. We do not refund in this situation.

Terms & Conditions of Stay.

I agree that I will pay Surfside backpackers the daily room rate for each day of my stay that I am in arrears & any other additional charges up until the time I advise that I have departed from my room/bed. I also agree that Surfside has the right to deny any discounts at any time. I agree to advise Surfside Bondi Beach Backpackers of any change in the numbers of persons using the room and agree to pay any charges for additional persons. I agree Surfside has the right to keep my passport/belongings until all accounts are paid by myself or those traveling with me. I agree that Surfside Backpackers cannot be responsible for any items lost or stolen during my stay. Surfside Bondi Beach Backpackers Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for injuries/death in respect of any activities such as surfing, body boarding, roller blading, snorkelling, body surfing or any ball sports whilst staying at Surfside Bondi Beach. Any activities, tours or outside activities either by hire or other means is the guest’s responsibility for insurance. These include the above listed activities + mountain walking, hang-gliding para-sailing, sky spaning, kayaking or any other external activities. Due care shall be taken in all areas of Surfside Backpackers and all guests shall abide by all of the conditions on and off this page. Note: Always swim between the flags and be aware.

Terms & Conditions.

This is also on our check in form we ask you to fill out and sign at check in. I understand that my bed/room, if not paid for is available to others. I understand that if I extend using any website I must make full payment by 9am on the booking start date & that Surfside will consider the booking void & charge regular rates after this time. To be a new customer you must have not stayed with us before.

DAMAGES: I agree to pay for all damages within Surfside including damage to my room/it’s contents caused by myself/those reserved with me/those I invite in. I understand total cost of any damages will be split equally between all members of the room if no person(s) owns up to damages. I understand that throwing up, spitting, pissing, shitting anywhere but in the toilet bowl costs $200 + $100 per mattress + cost to clean other guest’s items = cost of refunding any guests who wants to leave.

FIRE ALARM: I understand & authorize $1776.00 + 2% credit card fee to be debited from my debit card/credit card if I or anyone else on my reservation/those I invite in set off the fire alarm for any reason. I understand that this $1776.00 + 2% credit card fee. charge will be split equally between the number of guests in the room & if no one owns up/any person(s) cannot pay. I understand that the smoke detectors are sensitive & will activate the fire alarm with heat/fumes/sprays of any kind such as hairdryers, hairspray, deodorant spray, any sort of fumes/smoke or if knocked, touched, tampered with or any other reason.

CHECK OUT TIME & EARLY DEPARTURES:: I understand check out time is 11am and charges apply after 11:30am & that Surfside does not give refunds, breakups or transfers for early departures. If you leave Surfside mid stay we reserve the right to resell your bed or room. Leaving to us means that you are no longer staying at Surfside. The fact that you still have your key/or you have lost your key when you room or bed is vacant does not show you are staying. If you return your space may not be available to you & no refunds will be given. If you take night(s) away or simply leave please tell us. We expect you to communicate with us for safety reasons such as fire or other evacuation procedures.

LATE PAYMENTS: I understand I pay $5-$10 extra per person per night or $20 extra per person per week if I pay late. I understand my credit card details from paying rent or from my reservation will be used to pay overdue rents & damages for me/those reserved with me. I understand that all my possessions will be held until any overdue rents &/or other payments are made for myself/those reserved with me.

LOCKERS: Lockers are charged per 24 hour period (or part thereof), ending at 11am daily. Locker key deposit is $20.00 returned if key is returned and is not bent. Surfside is not responsible for lost/stolen items. I understand that any damage to the locker has to be paid for by for me/those reserved with me/those I invite in. Locker replacement cost is $200 per door or $595 per column. Please don't force the lockers for any reason as this will often result in whole column requiring replacement. If you lose your key, please come and tell us asap.

SMOKERS: I understand I can only smoke only in the lower back yard or in the smoking room. I understand that after 10pm I cannot smoke directly outside Surfside or with-in 100 meters due to neighbors’ complaints.

DRINKING ON THE STREET: Drinking alcohol on Hall Street is illegal, you can be fined a massive $550.00.

VISITORS: I understand that I’m responsible for anyone I invite in/who comes to visit me/walks in with me.

EX-RESIDENTS: We expect you to behave and leave by 11pm or pay for the night charged to my credit/debit card or to my friend(s).

CURRENT GUESTS: I understand that I will pay a night rent for each of my friends if they are present in Surfside after 11pm.

WHAT WILL RESULT IN BEING ASKED TO LEAVE WITHOUT A REFUND?: Only your behavior will cause this. If I damage or break anything, smoke, snort, inject, ingest, prepare drugs anywhere onsite. If I smoke anywhere in the wrong place. If I throw anything from any window. If I’m noisy anywhere, anytime inside or outside Surfside. If I damage Surfside’s or another guest’s property. If I show any lack of respect issues such as standing on tables, chairs, cushions, spitting, running, shouting in corridors, or anything else that shows a lack of respect for guests/staff/building. In these situations, we will simply ask you to leave without a refund.

BEDDING: Surfside Bondi Beach provide all bedding & we make the bed for you too. We charge $3 flat fee per person for this service. We do not allow you to use your own bedding for hygiene reasons. On each bed, made up for you we provide a warm duvet/comforter/doona, a pillow and sheet for the mattress. In return for the $3 we are happy to give you tons of services & facilities other places charge for including NBN Super fast Wi-Fi, even sun cream is free! We also have many deals for food such as pizza, fish & chips, milk shakes, Oporto, Hungry Jacks etc plus deals on shops, tattoo’s and currency exchange. We will rewrite and check our resume for you for free too! (Please be aware that local businesses who give us these deals have the right to change or cancel offers at no notice).

FINALLY: I understand that by acting like a dick or being stupid/offensive/annoying will cause me to be asked to leave without refund.

Enjoy your stay!!

If you got this far well done and thank you for reading and we hope you have a great stay.

Surfers at Bondi Beach and Coogee Beach